September 08, 2009

We Need More Protestants on the Court

With Sonia Sotomayor's confirmation to the Supreme Court, that brings the court's religious demography to six Catholics, two Jews and one lone Protestant.

1) John Roberts (C)
2) John Paul Stevens (P)
3) Antonin Scalia (C)
4) Anthony Kennedy (C)
5) Clarence Thomas (C)
6) Ruth Bader Ginsburg (J)
7) Steven Breyer (J)
8) Samuel Alito (C)
9) Sonia Sotomayor (C)

As a white male Protestant, I'm pretty sick of being underrepresented in this country...
But, more importantly, why are Catholics such a safe choice in terms of nominations?


Bobby Teenager said...

But couldn't you argue that the overwhelming majority of US presidents have been protestant? I may be mistaken but I think Kennedy was one of the only Catholics. I would have to ask someone who has done a lot of research on our presidents lately...

Eric Olsen said...

ok, just for the record, i was kidding about being angry.

yes, Kennedy was the only Catholic. We've had actually had 4 Unitarian Presidents in the past, and I don't think one would have a chance today.

So, why does being Catholic increase your odds of the Supreme Court while being Protestant increases your chance of the big gig?

TJarrett said...

Judging from this article ( it looks like Episcopalian is the way to go.

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