September 02, 2009

A Woman's Purse-Sty

Most women I know are stereotypically neat-freaks. But, I don't know how to rationalize this characteristic with a women's purse, which is the epitome of schizophrenic disorganization.

Ladies, please help me out here. Does fashion simply outweigh utility in this case? Because, although I believe you know the contents of your purse, finding any particular item is a minute-long chore.


Meghan said...

Like most girls, I too carry a purse-sty, but I'm not a neat-freak so I guess I can't really answer the question. My guess is that it's organized chaos.

LizM said...

Half the stuff in my purse-sty was given to me by my husband to hold for him. Now, where is that lip gloss?

Eric Olsen said...

haha. you're right. i guess i have put my keys in Kat's purse before.

but in my defense, i carry the giant two-person tube up the waterslide for the both of us.

Arcane Rest said...

I think it is something to the effect that women consider the stuff organized if it is in the purse. "hey where is the check book?" it's in the purse. And for some, "where is the change of clothes, towel, and shampoo?" it
A in the purse. It doesn't matter where in the purse or how big the purse is (my wife has one so big I call it the luggage, I think it was our carry-on once) just that it holds stuff and that stuff is in the purse. So purse in itself = organization.

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