October 28, 2009

Why Abraham Lincoln Sucked: The Song

#16. Abraham Lincoln

Em, G, D

land of lincoln
what were you thinking?
you talk pretty
don’t mean you’re right
you killed slavery
but you also paid for thee
6 hundred 20 thousand men died

I will preserve the union
at all costs you said
and that’s exactly what you did what you did

habeus shmabeus
maybe this would be a good time to shut your mouth
or I’ll throw you in jail
with the other 18,000, you cynics and critics can all go to

the sad thing is
for the cost of the war
you could have bought and freed
every slave you’re fighting for...
let me repeat that in case you didn’t hear that

in fact more than that
could have sent them on their way
with 40 acres and a mule
have a nice free day
and all this for
the costs of the war
minus the dead men
and that begs a question

what were you fighting for?
what were you fighting for?


Anonymous said...

If he had bought and freed the slaves he would've been participating in slavery, in the buying and selling of human beings, and it would've done nothing to stop the practice of it.

Eric Olsen said...

so, an abolitionist who pays for the freedom of slaves, you consider to be a negative participant in the vile act of slavery?

Anonymous said...

Not negative. But passive.

Even with very noble intentions, you can't keep buying slaves and expect the entire practice to stop. You're still participating in it.

Eric Olsen said...

i guess my point is to make us question if "ending slavery" was really Lincoln's top priority, as grade school has taught us. spoiler alert: Lincoln admitted that was never the case

emily w said...

Please don't tell me if he ends up dying; I haven't gotten that far yet.

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