Keeping the Toilet Seat AND Lid Down

Keep the toilet seat down... a lesson I learned as a child, and have always followed through on. But, recently I learned there is an even higher standard some want me to live up to. The desire to keep the lid itself down when company is over as an aesthetic choice, to avoid "Here's our bathroom, and there you'll see the inside of our toilet you can utilize after dinner if you wish."

Now, I always thought the lone reason of someone's desire to keep the toilet seat down was so a woman wouldn't fall in. But, if you're one of those people who have a preference for "keeping the toilet seat down", do you really mean the lid, too?


Jarrett said…
Yes. Though I actually had the same experience growing up (learning to put the seat down, but not the lid). But sometime after I moved out of my parent's house I started reasoning my way through toilet seat etiquette. And what I wonder now is why having both down is not the default.

What's the purpose of putting one down without the other? The "woman may fall in" argument is a total red herring. Any person stupid enough to do that deserves the embarrassment.

But we're talking about human waste here! Do you not want to separate yourself from that as much as possible? Is that not why we have plumbing to begin with? What possible reason is there for keeping the lid up - quick access if needed? The more I've thought this through the more I've become convinced there isn't a single reason why the lid should be kept up that has any merit.

I challenge you to prove me wrong! I WILL DESTROY YOU.
Meghan said…
I actually prefer to have the lid UP so I never have to touch it. I guess I understand when company is over the lid being down looks a little nicer, but on a day to day basis I do NOT want to touch any part of the lid because of it's proximity to the seat itself! That being said, it's been shown that when you flush a toilet, the water can spray really far - it can even reach across the bathroom to your toothbrush, so maybe I'm being paranoid about the wrong thing!

I was assuming the "woman falling in" was a joke . . . at least I hope so!
LizM said…
I have to keep my lids firmly down or the toilets become a waterpark for kitty. Eeewwww.
TJarrett said…
I think the "woman falling in" line of thought was probably invented by a mom.
emily said…
I once dropped my tube of toothpaste and it fell into the toilet, and I said aloud to myself, "THIS is why my mom always yelled at me to close the lid." I got it out with kitchen tongs and then threw the tongs and paste away together.

At least it was a tube of toothpaste and not a piece of jewelry or something. But I've never fallen in myself.
Eric Olsen said…
so your Mom told you to kip the lid down, Emily? ah, interesting. So, do we think that the common saying "keep the toilet seat down" really means "lid"?
emily said…
Has anyone ever seen the Curb where Larry fell into the toilet because his wife left the lid up???
emily said…
No, I think "Keep the seat down" is the common saying. "Keep the lid down" is like the icing on the cake. Not EVERYONE cares about the lid. Almost everyone cares about the seat.

I now have to care about the lid because I am really clumsy.
Eric Olsen said…
oh, PLEASE give me a "falling in" story, Emily!
emily said…
I dropped the toothpaste in--that's what I was referring to.

I've also dropped a cell phone in--it fell out of my pocket.

If anyone is ever brave enough to give me nice jewelry, I know I'll drop that in the toilet, too. I keep that lid nailed down these days.
Becky Johnson said…
Matt comes from a lid down family, so I've actually upped by standard since being married to him. Plus with 2 dogs, the lid down just makes sense.
Eric Olsen said…
well, i think we've done some good today, gang. and i've learned that toilet etiquette is just about as popular as chicago style pizza debates.

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