December 23, 2009

Why William McKinley Sucked: The Song

#25. William McKinley

D, Em, C

I promised not to intervene
But you see, that’s not what I mean
‘cause now I see the benefit
of buying other governments

Puerto Rico
and the Philippines

but I’m a good guy. Can’t you see?
‘cause Spain was even worse than we

Buy your enemies
Across the seas
Says William McKinley
I don’t want to rule your lives
But it’s the only way to make sure no one else can


Bobby teenager said...

Do you feel bad doing these songs about presidents who were assassinated? :-). You should throw in a bonus track...why MLK Jr. sucked. See what kind if response you get. :-) have a merry Christmas!

Eric Olsen said...

i was most nervous about lincoln. then again, he was one of the major reasons i wanted to write the book.

assassination's instantly put you in the infallible martyr camp, but that doesn't erase your foibles.

hmm, now i want to do MLK. but that's another kind of book perhaps.

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