January 13, 2010

The Apple Corer Proves My Laziness

Now that I have an apple corer, I eat apples all the time.

How lazy must I be for that to make so big of a difference? And it makes me wonder if one's diet could be vastly improved simply by making better choices easier to make?

Any ideas?


Meghan said...

I HATED washing lettuce so much because our salads were always watery, until I got my salad spinner - it was life changing!

LizM said...

Don't feel too badly, Eric. I only eat fruit that is already cut up or peeled. I don't even like to pull grapes off the vine.

Arcane Rest said...

I believe this is The basis for all the food delivery systems in America from Seattle sutton's to nutrisystem. They have made millions based on our laziness to make meals that are good for us.

Eric Olsen said...

but my laziness is only surpassed by my cheapness. if someone pitched me that business model today, i would say they'd have no chance. but good for them.