January 11, 2010

Brett Favre Should Be Coaching the Vikings

Recently, Brett Favre got into an argument with Vikings coach, Brad Childress, about calling plays on the fly. In essence, Favre wanted full authority to be able to call the shots. But Childress said, "I'm the coach."

My gut response was to support Childress. Since then, I've thought about it a little more. Favre is one of the best quarterbacks to ever live, and has more real-game experience than practically anyone in the world. Who is more qualified to improvise strategy than he is?

Just because a coach is the "coach", it's a dictatorship? Maybe Childress needs to just suck up his pride and trust Favre a little more. But, that can be hard to do when you're the one accountable for the result.


Anonymous said...

It's just like any other job. Childress is paid to make those calls, and he could be fired if the team isn't successful. Hard to hand over his responsibility, in other words.

Also, I don't like Brett Favre, so there's that.

Eric Olsen said...

haha, I think you're right. But, wouldn't Favre have earned your trust by now if you were a coach?

Anonymous said...

You need someone who is impartial to offense and defense. Favre probably would go for it on every 4 th down if you let him.

Eric Olsen said...

yeah, that's a real good point, too.

sean said...

As a coach I am sure Childress knows what happens when Favre has deviated from the plan on the previous games and maybe that is why he doesn't give him free reign.