January 14, 2010

I'd Never Do That in Real Life

You ever have a dream where you're a criminal, and you're passively aware that what you're doing is wrong, but you just do it anyway?

I wonder if actual criminals feel like that, too?


Iain MacKinnon said...

I once had a crazy dream where a pickpocket tried to steal my wallet from my back pocket but I caught him by the hand and proceeded to swing him violently back and forth above my head and into the ground like they do in Tom & Jerry cartoons. I actually beat him to death. And then he turned into a jacket.

The worrying part was that I didn't know what was more distressing; the fact that I had killed a man with my bare hands or the fact that he was now an item of gentleman's apparel.

Bobby Teenager said...

Fight dreams are the best, almost as good as dreams about flying or technicolor coats.

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