If I Didn't Tithe, I'd Buy...

Some families splurge on vacations. Some cars. Some clothes. Some electronics.

Why aren't there ANY middle-class families who buy a butler?
Just think of the hi-jinx!


Matt J said…
I think the PC term is "hire"
Arcane Rest said…
Because the expense would be as much as the 'middle class' family would make all year.

Maybe, G would work for less than an upper middle class but then the family would not be able to buy food for him to cook.
Anonymous said…
a maid, daycare, and daily fast food would probably cover all aspects of a butler so that may work. and i think i know of families that do this, at less of a cost of a butler. so i guess you can call a a maid 1/3 butler, daycare provider 1/3 butler, and McDonalds 1/3 butler.

remember mr. belvedere, what a great show.
Matt J said…
"but·ler: a manservant having charge of the wines and liquors" -Merriam-Webster

Sounds like G was going above and beyond the call of duty.
Eric Olsen said…
ok, matt's comment made me laugh more than any comment in a while.

fine, to make sure he understands the full scope of his duties, i will go with "endentured servant"

what does G make? he gets free room and board. i bet i could pay him 20 g's a year. some middle-class family could swing that. they'd save tons of money on eating out. save a lot of time not having to clean.

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