February 09, 2010

I Left My Gideon's Bible in My Hotel Room

On a recent flight, I accidentally left a Timothy Keller book called "The Reason for God" in the seatback in front of me. Now, let's pretend it was an Organic Cooking magazine instead. If someone on the next flight sat down and had some vague interest in cooking, they might have taken this as a sign from God that they were to read/explore the benefits of organic cooking.

But, no one's going to think "The Reason for God" was an accidental leave-behind. And likely, the person on the next flight is going to assume that I'm trying to silently solicit them.

How does this example effect how you might try to persuade people?


Trevor Casserly said...

i read this book awhile ago it is still one of my favorite!!!!!!

LizM said...

I don't think the person will assume he is being solicited. But perhaps he will find it at a time when he is looking for some direction in his life.

Back when I was spending a good deal of my life in doctor's waiting rooms, I used to leave a pocket-sized copy of John's gospel each time on the magazine table. No soliciting involved. My hope was that perhaps each copy would provide some comfort to someone who might need it. I'll never know what, if any, impact this had. That wasn't the point.

Anonymous said...

The mention of a Christianity is often seen as an attempt at conversion or disagreement. This is what is the most frustrating, especially if someone asks why you do or don't do something.

The best PR you can give is your actions and your life. Words are often an obstacle unless the person is a TRUE seeker.

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