I Want to Become More Masculine

When I was younger, I saw that most men were idiots. Selfish. Oblivious to the world around them. Completely emotional insensitive.

So, I decided not to be like that. And I get along much better with girls for precisely that reason. I notice haircuts. I pick up on emotions. But, I watch a show like "Man vs. Wild" and want to be that guy, too. Mr. Testosterone. Because it's just so freakin' cool. And isn't THAT what a real man is?

Now, please refrain from the "you should love yourself exactly the way you are" speech. I believe that idea resigns ourselves to the idea that we are, without regard to anything we do, already perfect. Whereas my worldview says quite the opposite. I am in a quest to become better. And that quest now leads down the path of being able to tackle and kill a cheetah in mid-pounce.


Braden said…
with your teeth.
Jason said…
Oh please. I hate that guy. Survivorman is way better and Les is a real man.
Eric Olsen said…
survivorman's boring, though. i don't want to actually learn how to survive. i want confirmation on my choice to stay indoors....boy, so much for becoming a dude.
LizM said…
I absolutely "get" you. Which is why I don't understand why my family won't let me carry firearms. Really. Annoying.
Eric Olsen said…
hahahahah. Liz, I'm not sure it should be YOUR quest to be more masculine, too!

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