February 08, 2010

Public School Teacher PR

"Those who can - do. Those who can't - teach." H.L. Mencken

Is it possible that we don't value public school teachers enough as we should because we don't pay directly for their services?

Because if we did, I'd argue that we'd instantly love them. Otherwise, we'd have to blame ourselves because we're the idiots paying for shoddy work.


Meghan said...

Are public school teachers less respected than those at private schools? I highly respect any teacher, but you might have a point that since parents are directly paying for the child's education, maybe they think of it more as public service than a skilled profession?

Arcane Rest said...

I personally dont value teachers because a majority are worthless. Throughout my years in college, I have seen the education majors and thought to myself, "Wow, you are going to be teaching my kids? Looks like I will be doing a lot of the work."

The problem with teachers is tenure. A great perk and a way to keep the good ones at your school. However, why cant we make it like a sports team? The good ones get long contracts with bonus incentives for productivity. The others may be around for a couple years but when they start failing as a teacher they are sent to the minors (the inner city?), wait that was a joke.

If we pay directly for the services of the teachers, we would definitely be more mindful of what we get for our money. This could be good or bad, hopefully the former. This is the same are us spending money on everything else, we want to have pay and worth to be equal or maybe worth more than we pay but definitely not the other way around.

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