February 03, 2010

Why Warren G. Harding Sucked: The Song

#29. Warren G. Harding

Capo 3
A, C, G, D/F#

names warren g
like the rapper
Im a gangsta
Underneath this tweed and the powder in my hair
Administration entourage the death of me
Their costly choices, my legacy

Talking about low friends
In high places
Talking about me and my home-slices
Run the gambit crime and more disgraces
Teapot dome scandal tops these cases

Secretary of the interior, albert fall
Was my homey, my boy, and the worst one of all
He took a 100 gs on the side
Leasing out our oil reserves in Wyoming
Something he couldnt hide
this temptation led to litigation a great great stain upon this great nation

1 comment:

Arcane Rest said...

Look up the Warren Harding error in the book BLINK by Malcolm Gladwell.

Very interesting that a man who looks like a president is voted as one of the WORST presidents ever.

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