March 22, 2010

I Forgot I Was Charismatic

I got to go to Peoria this past weekend to see some great friends and play drums at my old church. And I had forgotten how much I enjoyed a charismatic music/worship experience. In fact, it almost surprised me when I think of how different my current church is.

So, the question for today is, what factor(s) made you decide to attend the church you currently attend?

Preacher? Music? Proximity? Friends?

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Meghan said...

I was having a sort of crisis and turned to a friend who is in the seminary. He suggested I attend the church where he volunteered during his summer break. Bob and I really like it. It's a Catholic church, so it's more somber than most non-denominational churches, but we really like the music, the priests are great, and (because it's in Lincoln Park) there's a lot of young people there. I think because it's in the city it's much more "liberal" and PC than other Catholic churches I've been to (i.e. they always make sure to say "people" instead of man/men) and are careful with the language in their homilies. I really appreciate that!

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