March 17, 2010

Let's Wait 'Til Someone Makes it Illegal

Once again, an airline (this time Virgin) left their passengers stuck on a tarmac for 7 hours in NY due to bad weather preventing their takeoff.

Which prompted Congress to talk about creating a "Passenger's Bill of Rights" that would put a limit on the amount of time airlines could keep passengers immobile on the tarmac.

It bothers me that Congress would have to do this, and makes me very suspicious of monopoly-like tactics being employed by the airlines.

Otherwise, why wouldn't one single airline advertise an X-hour maximum tarmac time before they unload?


Meghan said...

Ugh, this sounds awful! Is the reason they boarded and just sat there because they don't want people trying to switch airlines? It seems like all flights would have been put on hold if the weather was that bad. I don't understand the need to board when there's no chance of taking off - it's not making room for other passengers at the gate because obviously no other plane can pull up!

Eric Olsen said...

i think they must just not want to have to deal with 300 people at their ticket counter asking to get them on a different flight. But, c'mon. Let's start noting who these carriers are. Screw you and your awesome nightclub-like travel atmosphere, Virgin!

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