March 26, 2010

Now Playing - Jesus is My Girlfriend

If you saw a poster for a band called "Jesus is My Girlfriend", what genre would you assume they were just by the name alone?


Becky Johnson said...

I would think - not Christian, because most Christian bands wouldn't use Jesus's name is this kind of funny, almost blasphemous way. Although for all of us, we are the bride to our bridegroom Jesus, which in some way makes him at some point our "boyfriend" or "girlfriend" but I think this band name might be a bit too edgy for a real Christian band. I would think punk type boy band of some sort.

Eric Olsen said...

oh, Matt didn't tell you? It's our new band name....just kidding. The really funny thing about this is that I came up with that post idea like 2 years ago, had it saved in a word doc and just got around to posting it on Friday. Now, there actually IS a band with that name.


Unknown said...