March 05, 2010

NYC vs. Chicago: Part Four

There are nearly 7 billion people in the world. And I saw a girl from high school at my hotel in NYC. (We went to high school together in Illinois. I haven't seen her since.)

This has happened to me once before. When I was visiting Seattle a few years ago, I saw some guys from college on the street downtown. Our college was in Illinois as well.

I'm not sure I really understand exactly how coincidental these things are. Is stuff like that to be expected? How small is the world? Does it mean anything?

Oh, this is supposed to be our NYC vs. Chicago conclusion? Well, I think I need to gain a better understanding of Chicago before I pass judgment. So, Kat and I are going to take a couple of trips downtown this Spring, and I'll keep you posted. But, Chicago's got some catching up to do. New York's just magical.


Meghan said...

That's really funny you've run into people from Illinois when you've traveled to both coasts of the country! I don't know whether it's a coincidence or not, but it seems eery!

I'm glad you will give downtown Chicago a chance this spring. I've never been to NYC (and I'd love to go!), but the thing about being on vacation is that things are just better. You get to stay in a nice hotel and have money set aside for shopping, restaurants, transportation, etc. When you just drive to the city for a day, it's much different.

Eric Olsen said...

i think you're very right about the desire to make the trip awesome MAKING the trip awesome. but, we WANT chicago to be awesome, 'cause we live here. so we starting making a list of to-dos and are going to hit 'em up.

Bobby Teenager said...

I saw a girl from my junior high in england. She mistook me for a guy from her high school and then when I corrected her that I was someone else but that we did actually go to jr high together, she did not remember me. Then I felt creepy for remembering her. Just thought I'd share that.

Eric Olsen said...

...and now you're married to her! wait, is that how that story ended up?

Ozconnor said...

I met a guy here in Chicago who grew up & lived about 10 miles from where I grew up back in Australia.

Eric Olsen said...

yeah, I think your story wins Keith. That's wild.