March 04, 2010

NYC vs. Chicago: Part Three

Our trip to New York City this past weekend was very last minute. So, we went without an itinerary or even a real list of things we might want to do.

Once we got there, the World Trade Center came up as a possible visit point. But, after thinking about it for a minute, I realized I had absolutely no interest in going to see it. And I still feel partially guilty about that. So, I'm trying to figure out why it is that I have no interest in seeing it.

Is it simply because there's nothing to see?

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Becky Johnson said...

Because there's nothing to see. Maybe 1% of the population would have considered the world trade centers a tourist attraction before 9/11. The last time we were in NYC was 3 1/2 years ago and it was just a construction site, so I would be interested to know if the memorial is actually worth seeing.

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