What Obama Should Say to the Tea Party People

"You and I have an intrinsically different view of the role of federal government in our society. I admire your passion, and I urge you to continue to fight for the change you seek in peaceful ways. But you must understand that I believe as strongly as you do in your own beliefs, that what I am doing is not only necessary, but morally correct. And I must fight for it, just as you fight against it." - The Barack Obama I Want


chris said…
What's the Barack Obama You Hear say to the tea party people?
Eric Olsen said…
he seems to claim they're protesting simply because they don't understand his policies (and self-deprecatingly claims that he has to do a better job explaining his beliefs).
Bobby Teenager said…
I agree. I think the "fringe" tea party folks are distorting the message and invalidating the real point they are trying to make about too much government involvement.
chris said…
Yeah, definitely. I guess I'm left asking "why now?"

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