April 07, 2010

Why Most Rap Music Sucks

It's too easy to be good. I've already made the claim of how the addition of clapping in pop songs is unfair. Because it's contagious. It gets you into a groove without any work at all.

The beats behind rap music are an exaggerated exploitation of this effect. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

You're in. Before any words come out. Before any melody. They have you. You're grooving.

So, regardless of what comes next, people already kind of like the song. So, the path of least resistance says I'm going to throw some crap lyrics in that rhyme with club, bling, dope, lady and call it a hit.

It's too easy for rap music to be good, and therefore, it's rarely great.


Sean said...

AGREED. In the biggest way possible. I used to like more rap than I do now once I finally realized the argument that you put forth.

I'm still a big fan of Outkast...that's about it.

Jack&Sally said...

Rap is barley even music. The only reason it is is because it has a beat. Rap, is not even that catchy.

Dianna said...

Good point! But, is the mediocrity really confined to rap? I can think of a handful of rock bands I'd call 'great' and most of them aren't exactly mainstream.

I think the nature of music is that you'll always see only a couple of truly original, daring bands/musicians sprinkled amidst the forgettable fluff. Which is probably how it should be. The fluff helps us appreciate the truly great stuff when we hear it. We remember the Beethovens, Dylans, Zeppelins, etc. and forget the other stuff until we need something to workout to at the gym. This is why I don't hate disco: if someone listens to "Hot Stuff" and it makes 'em dance like a happy fool, God bless 'em.

Eric Olsen said...

i'm excited about the fact that the costs to release well-produced music are dropping closer and closer to zero. Opening up the competition for the market's ears to the masses is going to make it so you're listening to Zeppelin'esque awesomeness all the time.

Anonymous said...

+20 points for you. You said it.

Eric Olsen said...

sweet! 20 points!

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