May 03, 2010

Can Donating to Good Charities be Immoral?

According to the Copenhagen Consensus of 2008, micro-nutrients should be our #1 economic priority in terms of giving. Feeding micro-nutrients to the 140 million malnourished children around the globe produces the "most possible good per dollar".

So, is it a better use of your dollar to invest in a charity like Vitamin Angels rather than a charity that might currently mean more to you?

I mean, I like animals, too. Investing in the Humane Society does really good stuff. But, only if we evaluate that giving in a silo all by itself. Is it really good after I compare the dollar spent to what it could be spent on?

In fact, is it even moral? Wait before you respond with yes. Think about it for a minute....ok, now you can comment with "yes" if you still really think so.


Eric Olsen said...

i am SO disappointed no one was brave enough to fight me on this, or on the other side, convert. i feel like the logic here is big, and i want to go deeper. help!

Anonymous said...

what if i dont like children?

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