May 28, 2010

Professional Line Waiter

I hate waiting in lines. In fact, I hate waiting for pretty much anything. Yes, I could strive to be more patient. But instead, I wonder if our mass laziness and aversion to boredom will spur a new job market. Professional Line Waiters.

A guy chills at WalMart all day long for hire. You pay him a few bucks to get in line 5 minutes before you're done shopping. That way, you roll up right to the checkout.

Any more everyday examples?


Arcane Rest said...

I think this professional could be titled "Professional Time Preservation Specialist." He could be the person that sits and stares at car salesmen until they give you the price you want and they are willing to pay you even though the dealers don't want you to think they will sell it at that price.

This person could wait in line at a girls' bathroom at a busy restaurant or something like that.

Call before you come to the airport and he stands in line for either checking in or going through security.

marissa said...

there was a groupon on it last year

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