June 11, 2010


I don't want to become an old crotchety man when I grow up. And yet, I'm already nearly there. So, I have created a small satirical Twitter project @andyrooneyhates in order to prevent that.

The goal of the project is to be reminded of how much we don't want to grow up and be like Andy Rooney. And instead, aim to become more like Mr. Rogers as we age.

All you Twitterers can now follow that project as well.

Enjoy your weekend! I'm in San Francisco/Monterey 'til Tuesday, so I'll see you then!


Anonymous said...

Thought my comment took. Oh well, I'll try again.
Maybe chicken or egg, who knows? Does crotchetiness lead to poor eyebrow grooming or does poor eyebrow grooming lead to crotchetiness? Look at Rooney, Stalin. In fact I have read that Andy Rooney sent 50 million to a gulag south of Boise after wresting control of the last few minutes of 60 minutes from Rather. Be safe. Address eyebrow hygiene early and often.
-Clark from NJ

Eric Olsen said...

hahaha. nice!

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