June 03, 2010

The Bicyclist's Language is Meaningless

Do you remember learning hand signals in Driver's Ed?

Just in case you happened to be driving in a car made prior to 1940 that didn't have turn signal lights. Well, those are the same signals that I use as a bicyclist. Until today.

Because no one understands them.

"Woah, that dude on a bike is making a chicken wing gesture. What is that?"

"Hey, I think that dude's a nazi! Oh wait, he's just turning right."

Language doesn't work unless it's universal. So now, I make wide gestures with my hands signaling what I'm about to do and everyone understands. That's how language evolves, my friends. And I was a part of it this time.


Anonymous said...

What do you mean by "wide gestures"?

AceJournalist said...

first, so funny.
'woah, that dude on a bike is making a chicken wing gesture.'
My dad does those sometimes. I don't even have them memorized though, so I don't even attempt interpetting or trying them.

Eric Olsen said...

my wide gestures: arm pointing straight out left if i'm going left. arm pointing straight out right if i'm going right.

Ozconnor said...

Agree that the "chicken wing" gesture comment was hilarious.

LizM said...

We drivers see you. We just don't like you on our road. We're swerving on purpose.

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