June 17, 2010

San Francisco: A Brief Review

1. The Hills Are No Joke

People talk about San Francisco being "hilly", but wow. Get used to public transportation, because you're going to need it to get around this city. Even 6-8 block stints can be overwhelming when they're up a 20-degree grade.

2. What the Heck is Your Sweet Tea Made of?

Ok, you know the wonderful hot tea served at Chinese restaurants? When you order "Sweet Tea" in California, you get an iced version of that.  SO weird, and it still boggles my mind.

3. Eco-Friendly Sustainable Food

San Francisco is a food lover's paradise. Our hotel in San Francisco was not only LEED Certified, but its restaurant's entire menu was completely organic and sustainable. And the local farmer's market held at Ferry Marketplace every Saturday is unbelievable.

4. In and Out Burger

I don't exactly know what makes this place so appealing. I come here because I'm a Big Lebowski fan, and the food is featured so prominently in it. But, it really is the best fast food "food" I've ever had.

5. Full House

It's nothing like the show promised me.


Matt J said...

Re: Full House
What ever happened to predictibility?

Eric Olsen said...

the milkman. the paperboy. the guy who sleeps behind your couch.

Bobby Teenager said...

Loved the in and out burger when I was in Arizona. The only thing I've had close here is 5 guys but it's still not the same. And eating more than one 5 guys burger a year will probably kill you.

LizM said...

Hope you got to North Beach for some slap-your-mama Italian cuisine!

Eric Olsen said...

Liz, we did!

Panta Rei...http://pantareirestaurant.com/


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