June 07, 2010

Simply Bad Writing

My dad lives in the world of theological academia. He reads books written by guys just like him. And he contends that you have to read a book 3 times before you really get the guts out of it.

My contention is that those men are simply bad writers. Brilliant thinkers. But simply bad communicators.

If it takes you 3 times to explain your point, MAYBE the point is SO above human thought that it confounds reason. But maybe it's just because you're wordy.


Ozconnor said...

I had to read your post 3 times before I understood your point!! :-)

Eric Olsen said...

crap. :)

Justin Elder said...

I've heard a person typically hears the gospel seven times before making a decision. Is the gospel bad writing or after hearing something again and again we finally realize it's value.

Eric Olsen said...

how about this as an example. i bet 1 out of 10 chuchgoers really understand the roots of Communion. It's not that it's so unfathomable. It's that people pass down clunky understandings of it.

Likewise, I think the gospel message is often poorly communicated.

Grant Davies said...

I for one would like to defend bad writing. After all, I do it all the time at my own blog.
How else are the untrained to break into the world of expression without mumbling like Mayor Daley?

Eric Olsen said...

the truly untrained (not well-thought out thinkers like yourself) should start slow with single sentences.