June 23, 2010

The Superiority of Genetic Hotness

I recently entered into a contentious discussion with a friend in regards to whether or not there is a correlation between aesthetic beauty and intellect.

Right away, you want to jump to the conclusion that "of course there's not." Or even go in the opposite direction. "Most hot people are ditzes and most brainy people are ugly."

But, from a microevolution standpoint, that doesn't really add up.

The best genes pick the best genes. Whether you're rich and marrying a trophy wife, or hot and marrying a smart guy, good genes tend to intermingle.

So, there is a really good chance that by now in our human development, there is a significant coreelation between aestheic beauty and intelligence.

It's not mean. It's science.


Anonymous said...

The idea is that of success. Successful people use what they are given and use it to produce something of value that they will be adequately compensated. The beauty of women is definitely more marketable than that of a man; however, the intelligence of a man is more marketable than the intelligence of a woman, of course this is not law by any means. The reason for lack of intelligence in beauty therefore could be the lack of necessity or incentive to apply intellectual potential. There are times when people are both beautiful and intelligent, and those people are probably even more successful.

Eric Olsen said...

i concur.

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