June 29, 2010

What is the Q.E.D. Podcast?

QED: An entertainment podcast dedicated to answering life's biggest mysteries.

Just because the show FlashForward is off the air doesn't mean I'm done podcasting. Through our relationship with the writers on the show, a new podcast was born last night. Dave and I are teaming up once again - this time with Quinton Peeples, renowned Hollywood writer and director, and the executive story editor of FlashForward.

This podcast is going to launch from where shows like LOST and FlashForward left us. Talking about the philosophical, metaphysical and theological.

QED. It's a latin phrase (and a FlashForward homage). Quod erat demonstradum. Thus completes the proof. Each week we'll take a new topic. Research. Discuss. Debate. And weigh all the evidence before we stamp our QED at the end of each episode.

Check out the amazingly-designed www.qedpodcast.com (designed by listener and friend Tasha Brand of Creoars Design Studio) and start helping us find answers to life's biggest mysteries. Our premier episode is now available on iTunes! Go subscribe.


Ben Reed said...

I have listened to QED and I have found that they most likely engineered the blackouts. :)

Seriously, it was actually pretty cool. Keep it coming.

Eric Olsen said...

haha. Thanks Ben. So glad to have you here!

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