June 22, 2010


After two long years, my masterpiece is now ready to be unveiled.

Designed for teachers, trivia buffs and the politically cynical, www.whyeverypresidentsucked.com is an interactive and musical site that aims to halt a voter's search for future presidential perfection by detailing how each former President has failed to live up to these expectations.

Flip through the pages of a beautifully-designed coffee-table book. Read the brief failures of each and every president. And watch an original video song inspired by each failure.

Go check it out, tell your smart friends and most importantly, let me know what you think!


Arcane Rest said...

Impressive book. It looks amazing, must give propers to the designer of the book and website. Great to the point writing about the men holding the most powerful office in the world, with Bonus songs to make you remember why a particular president did, indeed, suck.

Anonymous said...

Had to take a peek at what led me here initially. Took a random click that fell upon William Henry Harrison. As always, genius at least three separate ways.

Eric Olsen said...

haha, thanks "Anonymous"


Marissa Panganiban from http://howtowowdesign.com/ designed the amazing site!

And Lauren Meranda from http://www.laurenmeranda.com/ designed the book itself!

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