July 07, 2010

Ice Cream Bar: Sweet Table Chicago

I think my wife outdid herself this past weekend. She had this idea for an Ice Cream "Bar" dessert table for a party she got through her dessert table company, Sweet Table Chicago. And I liked the idea (what's not to like?) but I had no idea it would turn out THIS cool.

I'll give you the description she offers on her Sweet Table Chicago blog.

"Rock candy "chandeliers" sparkled on both sides of the "Ice Cream Bar" sign hung above the table. We created custom labels to showcase the unique flavor combinations of the ice creams,which included chocolate malt on the rocks (rock candy, that is), sweet lime mint mojito, creamy coconut with hot fudge shots, and salted caramel martinis with chocolate cholives. We used edible spray paint to color the ice cream cones and waffle cups a shiny silver to coordinate with the other serving pieces. "Ice buckets" holding the ice cream were placed in between serving stations to keep the ice cream cold as guests made their way down the line."

It was simply awesome. My favorite one yet. Way to go wifey!


Bradenex said...

I might just be hungry right now, but that stuff looks amazing!

Eric Olsen said...

it WAS. Thanks Braden!

JNH said...

Love the table and the idea... Kathleen is so creative! Hope you are both well!

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