September 14, 2010

Time or Distance Goal While Running?

Running is amazingly good for your body. If you're not doing it, start. I know you like biking more. But, it's like a 5-1 calorie difference. And you can learn to love running, too.

Here's the problem. We don't create good incentives for new runners. We say something like "Try running 30 minutes a day." But time is not a good incentive to work harder. Distance is. I think we should recommend that the new runner jog/run 3 miles a day. Because if we tell people to run for 30 minutes, they'll slowly jog it every day. No incentive to work harder. But, if it's 3 miles, then the sooner they get there, the sooner they're done.

Now, I know what you're thinking. But then eventually, their workouts will shrink from 45 to 30 minutes. But, guess what? They're still burning more calories running 3 miles in 30 minutes than running 3 miles in 45 minutes!

Diet and exercise are all mental, and I feel like we're not incentivizing people appropriately to beat the mental aspect of the game.

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