January 04, 2011

Music Flavor Profile: Salt as Syncopation

Salt as Syncopation: An essential ingredient for a full-flavored song.

Thanks for your comments yesterday. We will definitely get to several of those bands/songs this week based on their respective flavors.

Today, an analysis of U2, along with the video above of "Where the Streets Have No Name". U2 is a fascinating group to analyze with this idea of a "music profile", because they are probably one of the closest fits to a full-flavored band that exists today. In fact, I almost avoided choosing them to highlight a specific flavor because of that. But I want to address the fact that you know the name of this band's guitarist. And how many guitarists can you actually name who don't sing, too? That automatically puts him in the Top 5 most popular guitarists in the world. And for good reason. "The Edge" is the master of melodic syncopation. Layers of delay that build up and over each other in perfect time. He uses melody to create rhythm.

It's action. It makes the music come alive. Salt is syncopation. And the really great songs all have it.

Come back tomorrow to see what else great music needs.

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David Vox Mullen said...

U2 has been one of the world's luckiest bands since the fab 4. I think we have seen the last of the mega rock band days. When U2 say goodbye, I think that'll be it.

Don't get me wrong, before everyone starts in with the What about the Stones or The Who Or Aerosmith, yes all of those bands are mega bands too. But U2 never lost a member, never broke up, and for some reason, it's still "cool" & "hip" to be a U2 fan.

When the Stones release a new song, only stones fans will hear it. But when U2 releases a new song, we hear it EVERYWHERE. That certainly says something.

I won't get into the spiritual aspects of the band, but if anyone has interest in that, I highly reccomend the book "Walk On : The Spiritual Journey Of U2"

All in all, the band makes a kind of music that is capable of creating emotions in people that other music just can't seem to hit. They were onto something back in the 1970's and they've been riding that train ever since.

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