October 05, 2011

What if Whole Foods Became a Not-for-Profit?

What if Whole Foods became a not-for-profit?

What if CEO John Mackey had a personal belief that the world should have ever-increasing access to organic food, and his #1 business mission became to mainstream an organic diet?

Is a not-for-profit the best way to achieve this goal? Or does his current for-profit strategy achieve this better?

I really don't know. Maybe the cheaper pricing a not-for-profit could offer also means they wouldn't be able to expand nearly as quickly? Maybe Whole Foods needed to be a for-profit to become what it is, and now, it could consider becoming a not-for-profit?

Either way, the optimist in me thinks that not-for-profit retail is going to be the future.

Clothing. Grocers. Organizations with a desire for individuals to have better, healthier lives.

Wouldn't you feel better shopping at one?

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