January 03, 2019

Making Working From Home Easier

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Many people have finally taken that plunge to either work for themselves and freelance or start their own businesses, and traditionally these begin from home. Working from home for some can often be seen as the dream, but actually it is a lot harder than you might think. There are, however, tips and hacks you can implement into your day to make things work easier, and to allow you to strike that work and home life balance right. With that in mind, here are some suggestions.

Go paperless 

Working from home means that you have everything in the one place, but that can often mean that your home gets untidy because of work related papers, etc. So out may be time to go paperless. You could start with a cheap virtual mailing address service that will actually make all your mail virtual and sent direct to your email. Making less paper. It can also look professional at meeting to have a paperless system. Being able to showcase results, figures, etc on your tablet or to be sent to potential clients via email. 

Work on your time management

Time management is extremely important when you work from home, so it may be time to start thinking about how you can make some changes to the way you work. This will help stop the blur of working and living at home. It could be that you give yourself set working hours, and focus on areas to make some big changes. It could be that you look at blocking time to do certain tasks, so that you can bulk do tasks at different points of the day. There are some great time management hacks online and many of them are very useful for working from home. 

Have a dedicated area to work

Working from home means that you are surrounded by distraction, so having a dedicated place to work can help you get into work mode more easily than it would be to sit in bed or in your living room. Of course, these are big benefits of working from home, being able to work from anywhere, but having one space for work can help you to stay on track. Plus it can also work in the opposite way, enabling you to walk away from your job and then focus on home life without feeling constantly on the clock. 

Work in the local community 

Finally, working from home means that you have the local vicinity to work with. Not only does it help to work locally and outside of the home, for a change of scenery, but dependent on what your work is, you could also canvass for business in the local community. You are there to provide a service or to sell products, so doing this locally can help you to tap into a customer base with very little competition out there. Working outside of the home can also give you that time to network and be in the company of others, as working from home can get lonely at times. 

Let’s hope these tips help you to make working from home easier. 

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