October 18, 2017

The Dirty Stains in Your Life That Are Difficult to Wash Out

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Dirty stains in your laundry are hard to wash out. No matter how much you scrub your clothes and apply detergent, it’s going to take a while for them to disappear. Sadly, if you try too hard to clean them out, you’ll start to damage your clothes and there will be irreparable damage. Unfortunately, this also applies to the stains we have in life too.

People do stupid things all the time. Whether it’s arguing over a disagreement, creating a misunderstanding or developing bad habits, it’s all too common to get into trouble and forever make a stain on your life.

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Bad Health Habits

Smoking, drinking and stuffing yourself with fast food can all lead to an early death. Even worse, it’s usually the small unnoticeable things that cause your quality of life to lower. The problem with unhealthy habits is that you don’t notice them. For some people, it’s normal to cough all the time because their lungs are filled with tar from smoking. For people that eat too much junk food, it’s normal to have stomach problems all the time or have difficulty moving around due to their weight. These aren’t normal things, and the later you realise that you have a bad health habit, the harder it will be to erase that stain from your life. Practice healthy habits, stomp out bad habits and you’ll be able to live a long and carefree life.

Criminal Record

Whether it’s a DUI that landed you in hot water or an argument that got personal, it’s surprisingly easy to get a criminal record. This can have a serious effect on your ability to find work in the future, and you may feel guilty for something you’ve done that was ultimately your fault. It’s best to try and get out of these situations as early as possible, but there are times when you get into trouble with the authorities due to someone else’s negligence. Don’t let these people push the blame onto you, call a defense lawyer to fight in your corner so you don’t end up with a criminal record for no reason. If you’re adamant that something wasn’t your fault, there’s no reason not to argue your case. A criminal record can become a deep stain on your life, so wash it out early to prevent it from settling in.

Poor Credit History

Are you good with money? Do you get a lot of extra income from hobbies in addition to your main job? Then you’re probably financially secure and have no real troubles managing your money. However, for the rest of us, money can become a struggle. Whether it’s low wages or bad budgeting, it’s important to take your financial situation seriously. If you have poor credit history, then you’ll have trouble securing loans in the future or funding for a business venture. Poor credit sticks with you for a long time, so make sure you erase it early by managing your money properly.

September 21, 2017

Making Reading Into Something You Love

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A lot of people wish that they could consider themselves to be a book person. The idea of spending sunny afternoons outside and reading a good book sounds very romantic, and most people will enjoy the idea of it. Of course, though, when it actually comes to it, reading can often be a chore. People will buy books with intention of reading them, and they will never leave the bookshelf. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. With the right methods, you can build yourself into a true bookworm, and this post is here to help you out.

Before you start working on something like this, it can be worth thinking about the reasons for doing it in the first place. In a lot of cases, people want to read because they like the idea of taking on a new form of entertainment. Along with this, though, reading can provide some excellent benefits. For one, it will promote brain health, while also increasing your own vocabulary and creative abilities. Of course, this is without even considering that most people find reading fun once they get into it.

To start off, the main aim you should have on your mind is making reading nice and easy for yourself. Most people won’t want to do something which they find hard for leisure, instead choosing things which come very naturally to them. Finding reading hard can make it very boring. So, to help you out, you could consider looking for help from a company like EffortlessEnglishClub.com. With the resources to improve your reading skills, options like these will be plenty to get most people on the right track.

A lot of people find that their biggest reason for ignoring books is that they don’t have time for them. In reality, though, you have as much time as you’re willing to spare for something like this. In most cases, people spend a lot of their free time indulging in entertainment like television or browsing the web. By replacing things like this with reading, you can slowly build habits which bring it into your normal life. It might be hard to alter the things you enjoy, but, eventually, reading will take over.

Finally, it’s time to think about one of the biggest reasons people get put off from reading a book; they don’t like what they’re reading. There are loads of different genres and styles of writing out there. Often, it can be a simple matter of finding the books you love before you can start getting immersed in them. To do this, try reading book reviews and looking at different authors. Eventually, you’ll find something you like.

Hopefully, this post will give you a good idea of what can be done when you’re trying to encourage your inner bookworm to come out and play. In a lot of cases, not wanting to read is just a simple matter of not knowing what to read. But, with the work above, you should find it a lot easier.

July 03, 2017

You can't kill our myths, without replacing them.

Modern thinkers are quick to try and extinguish the myths of our pasts, but often do so without replacing these stories with new ones for us to believe in. Today’s science fiction, media and literature leans far more dystopian than utopian. Far more Orwellian than Platonic. Far more fearful about the horror humans may inevitably create than excited about what our collective human ingenuity will inevitably engineer. If your goal is to get us to separate ourselves from archaic and antiquated stories, you must give us a new one to enter. One that gets us excited for what’s to come. A vision for a heaven we can all start building together.

July 02, 2017

Jesus was not America's Founding Father

If you see American flags in your church service today, be wary. For today is a day all too many American churches mistakenly conflate Jesus with a Founding Father, and attribute America's prosperity to its cultural christianity. When the global correlation between Christian populations and national prosperity is weak at best. America is rich because of World War II, uniquely amazing agricultural conditions, and unfortunately, slavery. So let's wave our flags this weekend, but not toward Jesus. His is a different freedom.

May 20, 2017

The VOID Ghostbusters: Dimension - A Review

She ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

About a year ago, Kevin Kelly, founder of Wired, said the most profound Virtual Reality he’s ever experienced was a private prototype at the headquarters of The VOID in Lindon, Utah (just 20 miles from our house). Through the next week, they’ve opened their Ghostbusters: Dimension experience to the public. Slimer and Stay Puft make an appearance, and the sensory experience is absolutely wild. From the pulsing and mist of ghosts flying through you, to balancing on a shaky rig outside a skyscraper. I’ve never experienced anything like that, except maybe real life. I’ve drunk the Ecto Cool-Aid. VR, I’m in.

May 17, 2017

No. There Is No Way YOU Should Write A Book.

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Everyone has a book in them. That’s how the infamous phrase reads. Unfortunately, most people stop reading there and fail to read the second half that sentence; everyone has a book in them, but that’s where it should stay. We know, we know, we’re supposed to encourage people to write books, to tell their story and add to the culture of this world. But the truth is, most people who want to write a book should not.

It’s not so much that the idea of the book is bad. It may well be genius, the next 1984 or Casino Royale or, maybe even, The Great Gatsby. Even so, the reason why most people shouldn’t write a book is the motivation behind wanting to because most people want to write for extremely bad reasons.

So, if you are thinking about putting your fingertips to keyboard, please pause for a moment to consider whether you are writing for a bad reason before doing so. This is for your benefit because writing for bad reasons tends to lead to bad writing, and bad writing leads to bad books.


You Want To Be A Famous Author
We have all wanted to be Charles Bukowski or Hunter S Thompson or Virginia Woolf, but this isn’t the right mentality to have when writing a book. These people are icons because of who they are and they time in which they wrote what they wrote. They were in a sentence far more than you can ever know. They changed social thinking with each and every sentence they threw themselves into. This isn’t the whole reason, though. Yeah, sure, there are famous authors, like those we mentioned, but the majority of famous authors are dead and the majority of living authors are unknown. The bottom line is this, writing doesn’t make you famous, even a best-seller doesn’t make you famous. So it is time to rethink your goal.


You Want To Live The Life Of A Writer
What does that even mean? Most writers we know, the ones that have been doing it steadily for years and years, haven’t been on holiday since they picked up a pen and still rely on the bank of mum and dad. They are in their late 40s and early 50s. Writing because you have seen someone put #writerslife on Instagram while at the beach, or because you want to wear a tweed jacket and get drunk on whisky and ice is a foolish reason to start writing. You will only suffer a miserable existence if this is your goal, and you will deserve that suffering. To live the writer’s life of success and freedom requires serious hard work and dedication, and it relies on you writing something of value, that others will find interesting. A life is what you make it, and that starts with you. So figure out who you are first.


You Are Writing For You And You Alone
Don’t get us wrong, when you write a book you need to write the book you want to read. It is simple as that. If you don’t love what you have written then you can’t expect anyone else to love it. However, if you are simply writing for you, then you are confusing a book with a diary. There is nothing wrong with this. Writing for you is a wonderful way to expand as a person and to meditate and heal, but that’s all it should be. Don’t release your words. If you are just writing for you, then leave it at that. Write, put it in a drawer, and keep it for you. Or you can write a book that is actually a book that people will want to read, which is different to a diary. Trust us on that.

The Hobbies That Could Make You Money

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Everyone should have a hobby. When we’re kids, hobbies come naturally. We collect football cards and Barbie dolls, draw pictures and play games all night long. Unfortunately, when we reach adulthood and the world of work beckons, many of us put our pastimes away and do little more than cook dinner and slump in front of the TV when we get home at night. This is such as shame because not only are hobbies, relaxing and great at keeping the brain healthy, but they can also be quite lucrative too.

Here are some of the hobbies that could make you money:


Setting up and writing a blog is a lot easier than the average person thinks. You can be up and running in under an hour, and writing a 500-word post need not take you longer than 20 minutes once you get into the swing of things. If you ad sponsorship deals, Google ads and affiliate links to your blog, you could bring in anything from a couple of pounds to several thousand each month.

Entering Competitions

Spending a few hours a week seeking out and entering all of the many thousands of competitions that are available on and offline, you could win cash and prizes worth hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Some of the most serious competitive competition hobbyists have even been able to give up their own jobs and make a full time living selling their prizes. Obviously, most people won’t be so lucky, but you could see a regular stream of packages turn up on your doorstep if you pursue the hobby seriously.


Not only is photography a great way to unleash your creativity on the world, but it can be a good way to boost your income too. If you’re able to take really good pictures, you can sell them to newspapers and stock photo sites and make a decent amount of money over the course of a year.

Online Gambling

Obviously, online gambling can be a good way of losing money, but not if you’re smart about it and take advantage of the many sign up bonuses and free games that are available. Looking at Foxy Reviews, it is evident that playing online games like bingo is a lot of fun, and there are many great bonuses to be had. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say.

Graphic Design

Learning how to use creative software like Photoshop can be a very engaging hobby, especially when you start to get the hang of it and you’re able to create great works of digital art. If you get really good at it, you could even offer your services as a freelance graphic designer creating logos, infographics, and artworks for all kinds of companies.


There are few things more satisfying than taking a lump of wood and turning it into something beautiful with your own two hands. If you learn the skill of carpentry, you can sell sculptures, restore furniture and do odd jobs to make a bit of extra cash. It could even lead to a whole new career for you.

Do you make money with your hobby? Tell us all about it.