August 10, 2009

No One Should Ever Eat At a Buffet

Last week, I took my wife to Hobby Lobby and waited in the car for her. From my position in the parking lot, I faced an all-you-can-eat steak and sushi buffet. After my 10-minute window into the soul of the industry , and noticing a very hard-to-miss characteristic shared between nearly every person that entered and left, I was left saddened.

No one should ever go to an all-you-can-eat buffet. While I enjoyed the occasional gorge fest as a child, ever since I became slightly calorie conscious, over-eating really leaves me feeling disgusting.

More importantly, please consider the quality of food that the restaurant is putting out for your indulgence if they are able to profit off much-larger-than-average people making out with three or four platefuls per sitting.

In terms of taste. In terms of health. In terms of everything, buffets simply don't make sense.


LizM said...

Have you ever watched people go through a buffet line? I have seen people pick food up, sniff it, and put it back in the serving dish. I have seen people sneeze and cough into the buffet. I have seen people talking and laughing, unaware that they've just sent a wad of spittle into the food. I have seen people "test" the food texture or temperature with their fingers.

Nope. No buffet for me, thank you.

The Great I'm Not said...

Its amazing how aware you are of disgusting food like this as you get older. I get a sinking feeling every time I look at an energy drink nowadays. I feel like if I even drink one I'll get diabetes.

Bradenex said...

How unamerican... *shakes head*

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